Our Services

Dynasty Landscaping specializes in Hardscape and all types of residential and commercial lawn care. We have trained professionals to mow your lawn, edge your lawn, trim & remove trees, shrubs and bushes. Plus we have expert knowledge for lawn treatments as well as other lawn maintenance and much more.

Irrigation Installation and Maintenance

Dynasty Landscape plans, installs and maintains residential, commercial and golf course irrigation systems throughout South Florida. Our team reviews your landscape plants, grass types, soil quality, slope, sun exposure, and evaporation rates to make certain that your system will promote water conservation and plant health.


Hardscapes include any landscaping that is above the soil. Dynasty Landscapes offers a complete range of hardscapes to enhance the look of your landscaping by including stone elements and walkways drive to accentuate your property.

Our Hardscapes Includes:

We Provide Full Irrigation Service:

  • Irrigation system design

  • Irrigation installation and maintenance

  • System repairs, rebuild or upgrade

  • Repair or replacement of timers, sprinkler heads,       valves and mainline pipes

  • System mapping and appraisal

  • Monthly irrigation system inspections and monitoring

  • Correcting coverage deficiencies

  • Conversion to drip systems

  • Modifications to valve zones or sprinkler head spacing

  • Minimizing pressure loss

  • Time clock programming and timer adjustment

  • Water conservation recommendations

  • Pump repair and maintenance

  • Decorative Stone Walls, Field Stones and other Natural Stones

  • Walkways

  • Natural Stone Pathways

  • Rock Creations

  • Natural and Manufactured Boulder Installation

  • Retaining Walls using Dry Stack Natural Stone and Block

  • Landscape Lighting Installation

  • Concrete Driveways & walkways

  • Paver Installation

Landscape Designs

Our landscape design team will transform your yard into a garden oasis. We take pride in our work and in providing the utmost attention to your special needs. 

Landscape Maintenance 

We specialize in all types of residential and commercial landscape maintenance. We have highly trained professionals to maintain your Property.

Storm Cleanup

Prompt response to emergency cleanup and removal of debris.

Pressure Cleaning

  • Pressure Cleaning Rooftops

  • Power Washing Driveways

  • Pressure Washing Sidewalks

  • Pressure Cleaning Walls

  • Power Washing Poolsides

  • and more...

Tree Service

  • Hedge & Shrub Trimming

  • Tree Trimming

  • Palm Tree Trimming

  • Tree Removal 

  • Stump Grinding

Water Features

  • Pondless Waterfalls

  • Ponds & Water Garden

  • Decorative Fountains

  • Rainwater Harvesting system

  • Patio Ponds

  • Fire Fountains 

Turf Installation

  • Artificial Turf

  • St. Augustine Grass 

  • Bermuda Grass

  • Bahiagrass Grass

  • Centipede Grass

  • Buffalo Grass

  • Zoysia Grass 



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